Types of Parang Songs

30/11/2010 23:34



Categories of Parang Songs








Serenal or Aguinaldo

Used to announce the ‘parranderos’ arrival at a house. Tells the story of the birth of Christ, and spreads the message of peace and goodwill.


Tells the story of the Angel Gabriel’s visit to Mary, when she finds out she will be the mother of Jesus.


Relates the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem


A lively song on any topic


Similar in style to a Spanish waltz, it makes great dancing music

Vals /Castillian

A secular song with a slow waltz tempo


The Cuban style of Latin music which has taken the world by storm is increasingly popular with younger parang bands.


A waltz celebrating the Manzanare River in Cumana, Venezuela.


A very lively sing-along number that involves call and response from the audience.


Farewell tune giving thanks for the joy of sharing good times with the host, until next Christmas



Parang songs fall into several categories that we are unable to place for you on this website because of the limited space available to us. We are unable to bring to you music for your listening pleasure but have however made a link for you to easily access the song as well as information about parang songs. We hope you enjoy the vivacious music that is parang. Click on the link: aingram.web.wesleyan.edu/parangdescription.html#Parang_is_Music